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Englischer Text: Bitte um Korrektur von Text
Status: (Frage) überfällig Status 
Datum: 10:37 So 17.03.2013
Autor: ichdavid

At the beginning of the novel “On the Beach” Moira Davidson drinks a lot of alcohol and she is a real party girl. During the story, she changes herself because of Navy-Commander Dwight Towers. She meets him because Mr. Peter Holmes had invited Towers to spend some days at their home. Moira Davidson is a friend of Mrs. Holmes. Moira gets along very well with Mr. Towers and speaks a lot with him. They spend a lot of time together. I think Moira falls in love with Towers. Towers thinks, Moira is a little strange and talks to her about it. Towers explains to Moira that he doesn't appreciate drinking so much. He also wonders that she sleeps so little. Therefore she begins to change. She stops to drink so much any more and she begins to take part at a secretarial course. Another reason, for changing her life could be that she remembers that life is so short, especially now after the nuclear war. This nuclear war took place in Europe and Asia some weeks before, but the radioactive dust will soon arrive in Australia. Everybody will get ill and finally all people will die.

There could be many reasons why Towers doesn't take Moira with him to sink the submarine. Perhaps, he wants to sail the last time with his crew. He always sailed with his crew, so he also wants to spend the end of her life with them. In addition it's a submarine of the US-Navy and it isn't allowed to take other people on board, he doesn't want to break the rules.
Maybe, he knows to die this way is very painful and he hopes Moira will take one of the pills to end her life.
Furthermore he wants to stay faithful to his wife, although he knows she's already dead because of the radiation in America. Perhaps, he is afraid to break this faithfulness.

I think they don't want to believe that everybody in Australia will have to die soon, so there will be no life on Earth. Mr. Holmes himself knows that everybody will die, but he talks with his wife about the future, to make it easier for her to understand the situation. They both want to ignore the true future to enjoy their last time in which they are alive. Later he explains to his wife how to use the pills for suicide. Maybe, they hope the radiation won't reach them.

Currently, I'm leaning for the Abitur. My ambition that I would like to fulfil, is to pass my “Abitur”, with good marks. You can compare the german “Abitur” with the graduation from high school. When I've passed the Abitur I want to an education. Maybe, I'll do an education as pilot.

In the story “The Apple Tree” are two apple trees. The one has many branches and makes a lot of flowers in the spring and in the autumn you can harvest a lot of beautiful red apples with a good size. In front of this apple tree is another apple tree. It's thin with a few branches. The top branch sadly hangs down. This tree looks like a thin body with thin arms and a tired head. The dry leaves move in the wind like thin hair. Its apples are very small and full of insects. The protagonist in the story thinks: their taste is terrible. This apple tree takes away the sun from the other apple tree behind him.
So here are two characters. The one apple tree is “bad”. It's ugly, useless and it keeps back the sun from the other apple tree. The other apple tree is beautiful and its fruits have a good taste. It's much better than the apple tree in front of it.

The protagonist offers Mrs. Hill some logs from his old half-dead apple tree. He smiles a secret smile because it seems like he only fell the apple tree to give some logs to Mrs. Hill, but the truth is that he hates this tree because it's ugly, its apples aren't eatable and it takes away the sun from the apple tree behind him. In addition, he was angry about the tree when he wanted to burn a little bit of it. It did not want to burn and killed the fire. Then the whole house smelled of it, so the protagonist was afraid that he might not be able to breathe. He was so angry about the wood that he threw it over the fence in his neighbours' garden. So his neighbours' horse accidently broke a leg. All in all, the protagonist had a lot of trouble with this apple tree. Now he has the opportunity to get rid of it, but it seems like he only wants to help Mrs. Hill, who cannot get wood to warm the pub because it costs so much. Perhaps, it's a revenge for the protagonist.

I think Midge was more to blame for the unhappy marriage. She never had been happy. She always worked
and she always was busy. Most of the things she did were unnecessary. Which husband or man would want a wife like her?
But the protagonist was blame too because of his affaire with a young woman. I think their marriage itself was a problem because both of them were very different person. They didn't belong together.

After the protagonist walked up the hill near the pub, he arrived home and went to the apple trees. He admired an apple tree. Now, it stood alone, without the old, dead apple tree, which had been in front of it. He wanted to touch this apple tree to be sure it was still alive and it would flower in the spring again. When he had reached the tree he fell. His foot was bent under him. It was caught by the torn stump from the old apple tree, which he cut down few hours before. He dropped deeper and deeper in the soil and shouted for help, but, of course, nobody heard him. There was no escape. Then the story ends.
I think myself, he'll die in the night because of the cold. Somebody, perhaps the cleaner woman, would find him dead next day.

Wer kann diesen Text bitte durchlesen und auskorrigieren, nicht inhaltlich, nur grammatikalisch und vom Satzbau her und so.
Ich bin über jeden gefundenen Fehler dankbar.
Vielen Dank.

Ich habe diese Frage in keinem Forum auf anderen Internetseiten gestellt.

Englischer Text: Fälligkeit abgelaufen
Status: (Mitteilung) Reaktion unnötig Status 
Datum: 11:20 Do 21.03.2013
Autor: matux

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